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Have a vessel and want to make a switch to a more affordable and green fuel?   Whether your vessel burns 15 or 250 GPH, Sunshine Renewable Diesel will save you a fortune each month.

Truck Diesel AlternativeTruck/Fleet

Tired of high diesel prices?  Truckers large and small, save hundreds per week with Sunshine Renewable Diesel substitute, gain energy independence and more money in your pocket

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Have a non-profit that uses diesel vehicles?  We want to provide you with FREE FUEL when you participate in our partner non profit program. We give back to those who give.

Generator Diesel AlternativeGenerators

If you own or operate a diesel generator, your missing out on saving hundreds per hour of operation. We supply a diesel alternative that will save you money and burn cleaner.

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Run fuel oil burners for process heat or waste incineration?  We have an affordable and cleaner burning substitute for your current heating or fuel oil.

The Cost Effective and Green Alternative to Diesel and Biodiesel

Diesel Biofuel Truck Sunshine Biofuel

Sunshine Renewable Diesel can be made from recycled cooking oils, animal fats, or Florida bioenergy crops like Carinata and Pongamia oils. This EPA approved Sunshine Renewable Diesel product meets critical ASTM specifications in the 975 many diesel and 6751 Biodiesel categories making it a new and unique renewable fuel product. It meets all ASTM 975 fuel standards when blended as a performance additive with diesel. It can be used as a “drop in” ultra low sulfur replacement or renewable additive for diesel fuel oils in locomotives, large vessels, and power plants. Commercial trucks and smaller vessels can use it as a cost effective replacement for diesel fuel when used with Sunshine Biofuel’s EPA approved Alternative Fuel Conversion system. The conversion system is used on high speed diesel engines to lower fuel viscosity and assure combustion better than or equal to petroleum diesel. This conversion replaces the need for expensive and carbon intense petrochemicals use in our production process that are required for Biodiesel processing. We in turn pass these savings on to you, the oil company, fleet owner, or power company. Read More

Sunshine Renewable Diesel vs Biodiesel

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Sunshine Renewable diesel is similar to Biodiesel. it is made from plant oils and therefore not a hazardous material but it is processed through distillation rather than chemical conversion making it a Renewable Diesel. For big bore low and medium speed Diesel’s or turbines found in locomotives, ships, or fuel oil burners it is the best “drop in” Ultra Low Sulfur Biofuel available. It has twice the lubricity of Petro-Diesel, higher Cetane and the same energy content per gallon. It is also the most cost effective Biofuel for commercial transportation with higher speed diesel engines found in tucks, buses, boats, and small frame generators. For these engines a simple EPA approved patented Alternative Fuel Conversion System is required which can be provided at no or low cost to a equipment owner by Sunshine Biofules.

Biodiesel is made by chemical transesterification which involves expensive petrochemicals like Methanol that make up about 18% of its volume. This process lowers the total energy per gallon by 5-7% compared to diesel and increases the market price per gallon of Biodiesel accordingly. Sunshine Renewable Diesel uses distillation rather than chemicals like methanol to process our product so it is significantly less expensive to produce and provides similar benefits. Read More

What They Say!

  • "We started researching this fuel after customers were complaining about our fuel surcharge.   We thought there must be a better way.  We converted our vehicles over to run Sunshine Renewable Diesel and got a return within 10 weeks.  Each of our trucks burns about 3-400 gallons per's been a great benefit to us." Vehicle: Multiple Trucks  
    Renewable Fuel Truck Driver
    Chris Bently
    Manager - Legacy Sea
  • "I've run VO Fuel for Four years now with real good luck and success....I burn 100-110 gallons a week...I didn't have any problems related to Vegetable's worth it and will pay for itself in no time." Vehicle:  Fedex Delivery Truck  
    Delivery Truck Alternative Fuel
    Gary Pick
    Fedex Driver - Retired
  • “Hope things are going well at your end. We have several tanks through on trips and look forward to getting things going again when the season begins. We would recommend the technology to anyone and are working on promoting more installations and fuel sales in our Market”
    Vessels:  2 x Sport Fishing 
    Type/Engine:  40’ Egg Harbor Twin Cat 3208 V-8 and generator
    Type/Engine:  50’ Egg Harbor twin MAN 28/48  V-10 and generator
    Shing Tam
    Owner – TNT Recycling
  • “I probably burned several thousand gallons of fuel before I sold it (the boat) and had no problems. Besides a few friends harassing me on the VHF about the French fry/fried chicken smell it was all good with no notable power difference at all. I really didn`t have to change the filters as often as I thought, overall very satisfied. Anyone should consider as long as they can get the fuel, it’s a no brainer. Vessel: Commercial Shrimp Boat Engine: CAT 3208
    Capt Mark Marine Diesel
    Captain Mark Faul
    Shrimp Boat Captain
  • “As the owner of Ripple Effect Ecotours, which is located in one of the most unspoiled and sensitive coastal habitats in Florida, I spent an entire year researching different opportunities that would allow for us to burn an alternative fuel in our new tour boat.  Michael Lokey, the owner of Green My Fleet, is the spark that made it possible for a sustainable and dependable commercial operation to succeed in this unconventional endeavor; his knowledge, experience, resourcefulness, and passion  are essential for success in the alternative fuel markets and require an unwavering commitment to excellence.” Vessel:  Commercial tour boat Type/Engine:  Styler 256


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