Welcome from the CEO

The topic of Biofuels has been met with controversy in the mainstream media. Mostly due to the same problems facing all good information in today’s blogified, speed of light paced news cycle; poor research on sources credibility, misinformation campaigns by parties with political or their own economic agendas mascarading as news,  editorial pressure to slant…

Diesel Bus Conversion Alternative

Featured Project 1

This 1.0 Million dollar Prevost Luxury Coach has been home to a famous movie star and touring bands alike. At the request of the renowned coach leasing company’s client, the coach had a dual fuel (Diesel/100% Biofuel) system installed and the coach toured the US on Sunshine Renewable Diesel Spec fuel. The operator of the…

Semi Truck Conversion WVO

Featured Project 2

One of our first customers operates a regional beverage distribution company that features brands like Budweiser. They have 7 semi tractor trailers and 4 Chevrolet 2500/3500HD trucks utilizing Dual fuel Diesel/100% Biofuel systems and Sunshine Renewable Diesel spec fuel. They have been operating for more than 4 years with the systems and Biofuel and have…