IMG_3649Are you looking for a cost effective solution for cutting the fuel costs of operating your vehicle, vessel, generator, or burner? How much money would you save if you could save 10 % per gallon? Have you wondered how to decrease your Diesel’s impact on the environment?  What if you could do all of these things with one simple solution that is user friendly, reliable, and cost effective?

If so, Sunshine Renewable Diesel is for you, regardless of the diesel engine application.

the number of variations and complexity of on board power sources, fuel and coolant plumbing, and tank positioning in these types of applications, we only offer quotes on these conversions after viewing the vessel.

Systems for Marine Applications can be simple and cost effective and make use of 100% Biofuels more user friendly and automated. Pricing varies as no vessels are the same and there are many system options to consider as well. To give an accurate estimate a we will need to actually have a look at your vessel in person so give one a call today.

In general, estimates range from $3761 + $760 for automation and increase with vessel size. Customers usually get their total investment back in the first few months of operation in fuel cost savings!