This marine customer was tired of spending $5.50 on diesel in his marina. As an avid sport fisherman he was fueling 400 gallons in his Caterpillar powered 40’ Egg Harbor custom every weekend. In addition, he was concerned with the environmental impact of the raw exhaust from diesel he was dumping in the fishery and the smell that at times would invade the transom and salon area with a following wind. Green My Fleet converted the main Cat 3208 Diesel engines and Onan Generator with 3 separate Dual-Fuel (Diesel/100% Biofuel) systems. Sunshine Renewable Diesel spec fuel was provided and the return on investment was achieved in 3 months. In addition the smell of exhaust was actually enjoyable and the carbon footprint of the vessel was dropped about 60%. His business partner has since converted is 50’ Egg Harbor custom with twin MAN diesel and Onan generator.

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