diesel fuelSunshine Renewable Diesel Fuel Delivery Service

Sunshine Biofuels will soon provide you with the highest quality fuel your needs to operate diesel engines or burners at a cost advantage so you can start tomorrow without concerns of reliable fuel supply. We can guarantee savings on your fuel costs from the start and will provide long term supply contracts. We will soon deliver full tanker loads, less than tanker loads, and even home or small business deliveries.

Sunshine Renewable Diesel Storage: Less complicated and expensive

In addition, Sunshine Renewable Diesel is less risky, less hassle, and cheaper than diesel to store on your site! Because our fuel is vegetable oil based, Non-Toxic, does not use dangerous chemicals in its manufacture, and has a higher flashpoint than petroleum Diesel it does not need to be treated as a hazardous material. Spills can be cleaned up with typical absorbent materials and discarded without concern for ground contamination or EPA notification.

Containers should be double walled but can be plastic with aluminum reinforcement, for example standard 275 gallon IBC liquid cube containers. Pumps, fuel line, and meters also do not need to be class I Div I certified making them available at a fraction of the cost of existing equipment for diesel. Sunshine Renewable Diesel can basically be stored with the same precautions as new vegetable oil. This dramatically lowers the risk profile, hassle, and expense for companies storing large volumes of petroleum diesel fuel on their property, close to the water, or having to maintain handling equipment that is expensive and replaced frequently.

Large Fleet Fueling

Have existing fleet fueling infrastructure, chances are it will work fine with Sunshine Renewable Diesel fuel. We are ready to start delivering tanker loads to you soon.


Sunshine Renewable Diesel fuel Station

Fleet customer’s private Sunshine Renewable Diesel Station

alternative diesel fuel filling station

Sunshine Renewable Diesel Pump delivers fuel hot

Small to Medium sized fleet: 

Don’t have a fuel tank and pump? No problem. Sunshine Renewable Diesel fuel can be stored in 275 or 330 Gallon pallet mounted plastic tanks and stored in your current warehouse without restriction. Since expensive Class I Div I pumps are not required, you can use simple inexpensive transfer pumps to fuel your small fleet, company vehicles, farm, or your diesel fishing boat from tanks that are easy for one person to move around.

small to medium size fleet fueling feather Easy Fill Ups

International Bulk Shipping

Are you fighting fuel expenses in the Bahamas, Mexico, Europe, or Africa? We can help you there too. Sunshine Biofuels currently ships internationally using 20′ ISO containers which carry approximately 6,200 Gallons of Sunshine Renewable Diesel. Interested in becoming a distributor partner for our fuel in your country, inquire today.

International diesel fuel Oil ShipmentInternational Oil Shipping Available
We can ship in 55gallon barrels, 275 gallon Totes or 6500gallon Bladders
The cost of the bladder is $1200.  It’s photographed in the 20″ container above.   
A 20 Inch container will hold 20 x 275 Gallon Totes
60-64 55 gallon Drums
1 x 6500 gallon bladder
We can ship out of Miami FOB, from either Port Everglades or Ft. Pierce.