Renewable DieselThe Cost Effective and Green Alternative to Diesel

Sunshine Renewable Diesel is processed from recycled cooking oils, animal fats, and in the future Florida bioenergy crops with our patent pending process. Sunshine Renewable Diesel shares ASTM specifications in both the 975 Diesel and 6751 Biodiesel categories making it a unique renewable diesel product. Sunshine Renewable Diesel reduces as much as 97% of the carbon emissions from the diesel fuel it replaces making it the most effective diesel substitute for carbon reduction. Sunshine Renewable diesel utilizes an efficient distillation process rather than  an expensive and carbon intense chemical transesterification process so we can offer significant savings and higher energy content per gallon to our customers compared to Biodiesel. Fleet owners can save up to 25% of their fuel expenses when using of Sunshine Renewable Diesel with our Alternative Fuel Conversion System. Oil companies can blend it with their diesel fuel to increase lubricity, Cetane, and renewable content per gallon while lowering their expense of fuel and customers emissions overall. Power companies can receive valuable Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Producer Tax Credits (PTCs) when using it while their plants emissions and attaining a premium price per kWh of the resulting renewable energy. Sunshine Renewable Diesel can also help marine fleets comply with Emission Control Areas (ECAs) by acting as a “Drop in” replacement or blending solution to reducing sulfur emissions from ISO 8217 marine fuel oils. Today concerns about global warming, carbon emissions, the uncertainty of global crude oil supply, and the politics of countries where new oil supplies are being discovered, is rapidly strengthening the market for Biofuels. Sunshine Renewable Diesel fuel is not only more environmentally friendly; We also assure energy independence for companies, countries, and are creating new high paying jobs that have otherwise been lost to global competition and automation advances. Of the many Biofuels available, Sunshine Renewable Diesel presents the greatest value to diesel engine owners economically, environmentally, and socially.

Renewable Diesel Fuel TruckSunshine Renewable Diesel Social Benefits

Beyond our lower production cost, we are a community focused business in the areas we operate. We proudly established veteran preference and equal opportunity hiring policies. We collecting Used Cooking Oil feedstocks from restaurants and food processors as close to our plantas possible, pay top dollar for it, and then delivering the finished fuel as short of a distance as possible to your trucks, boats, fuel terminal, power plant, or non-profit organizations. We are more capital efficient than competitive technologies’  so we do not have to carry large capital debts, long transportation distances, and expensive chemicals used to create each gallon. So we can share our margin with our local restaurant partners and save money for local oil and fleet companies that rely on large volumes of diesel or fuel oil to do their job. We think this model is more sustainable, economically, ecologically, and socially.

Sunshine Renewable Fuel Development

The development of Sunshine Renewable Diesel’s business concept, formulation, refinery, and the alternative fuel conversion systems that allow its use in high speed diesels has evolved out of more than 20 years of research and development by unique and innovative thinkers in Germany, Western Europe, Asia, South America, and the United States. Much respect and credit should be given to these forward thinkers and institutions who provided the ground work for our team to innovate this fuel that can effect some many positively. Sunshine Biofuels team has spent the last 7 years and significant capital dollars in the development of and patent protection of these concepts into a practical, profitable, economical, product and business model. This model benefits both the suppliers, end fuel users, and our investors to a greater extent than any other biofuel solution on the market today. Our Sunshine Renewable Diesel Product is a proprietary product, as is the processing equipment we have designed, and the process we use to make it. In addition, Sunshine Biofuels  Alternative Fuel Conversion technology also holds multiple patents and is available exclusively from Sunshine Biofuels.

This work was done so that we can save you money with a secure “Made in the USA” and affordable fuel. Free Quote

Fuel Details

Sunshine Renewable Diesel is not Biodiesel

Caveat Emptor “Let the Buyer Beware” To be clear, Sunshine Renewable Diesel is not Biodiesel since we do not transesterify the oil with Methanol & Potassium Hydroxide but it is NOT used cooking oil (UCO) either, it is processed and defined by the EPA as a Renewable Diesel. In our years of research and development we have discovered that all that glitters is not in fact gold and refining fuel from used cooking oil feedstocks is not as simple as it sounds. Sadly those who have the most to gain from researching and developing how to manufacture fuels from UCO have the least amount of time to do it. Typically because they are trying to keep all their cargo and vehicles in motion! Beware of companies that offer Used Cooking Oil (UCO) as “fuel”. If it were truly that easy there would be more people doing it and we would be at the forefront. If they tell you they “clean” their oil good, or cannot offer you a recent certificate of analysis from a professional laboratory then they cannot guarantee any outcome and the law generally protects the seller from the buyer. Caveat Emptor “Let the Buyer Beware”

Locomotives, Ships, and Power Plants - Low Speed Diesels

For large diesel engines, Sunshine Renewable Diesel can be used as a “drop in” extremely low sulfur replacement fuel. These larger diesel engines employed in locomotives, power plants of 1MW or greater, medium to large scale ships, and industrial power plants operate at speeds between 100 and 900 RPM maximum.

Commercial Transportation - High Speed Diesels

For commercial diesel engines with operating speeds exceeding 1,000 RPM, a simple Alternative Fuel Conversion System is used to allow the use of Sunshine Renewable Diesel Fuel over 95% of the time. The converted engine in the boat, tractor, truck, or generator will operate on Sunshine Renewable Diesel while it is working and then shut down back to diesel for cold starts or prolonged idles.


Sunshine Renewable Diesel is less expensive, less hassle, and less risky than diesel to store on your site! Because our fuel is vegetable oil based, does not use dangerous chemicals in its manufacture, and has a higher flashpoint than petroleum Diesel it does not need to be treated as a hazardous material for storage or transport. Spills can be cleaned up with typical absorbent materials and threat to the environment or health and human safety are reduced dramatically. Containers should be double walled but can be plastic with aluminum reinforcement. Pumps, fuel line, and meters do not need to be class I Div I certified making them available at a fraction of the cost of existing equipment for diesel. Sunshine Renewable Diesel can be stored with the same precautions as new vegetable oil or other non hazardous liquids These facts lower the risk profile, hassle, and expense for companies currently storing large volumes of petroleum diesel fuel on their property, close to the water, or having to maintain handling equipment that is expensive and replaced frequently.


Sunshine Renewable Delivery is available for delivery to any marina or business with an advance appointment. Have a large vessel that requires multiple tankers to fuel, no problem we can supply multiple tankers to fuel larger vessels before they embark on large voyages. The more you use the more you save.

Better than Biodiesel

The problem with the US biofuel market place is the typical centralized US model requires significant funding and long distance supply chains. A new Biofuel refinery venture for either Biodiesel or Renewable Diesel is extraordinarily expensive. Capital budgets exceeding 1 million dollars per 1 million gallons production capacity are typical so large up front capital commitments with known and unknown risks for investors are the norm. The more expensive the facility construction costs per gallon produced, the more fuel capacity required to repay investors,  leading to a minimum scale of facility that is not always able to be supported by regional or low cost feedstocks. In order to manufacture huge amounts of biofuel feedstocks into Biodiesel you have to transport huge volumes of feedstocks to and from the refinery. The transportation of these feedstocks to a centralized processing location and the redistribution back out to the market adds expenses to each gallon made. To make matters worse, Biodiesel manufacturing is relying on government subsidies (as much as $2.50 per gallon) available to these companies that manufacture Biodiesel with about 18% Methanol (an expensive petroleum product) and Potassium Hydroxide (high grade caustic/explosive chemical) and then they have to agree to sell it to an oil company to blend it with the petroleum supply through established petroleum fuel distributors. These companies have to survive large debts, transportation costs, and reliance on volatile petrochemical company’s Methanol price, to be mostly offset by a government subsidy to stay in business. Each issue eats up margin so by the time it gets to you it can only save pennies per gallon. Additionally, the small savings afforded by Biodiesel is spread out very thin in B20 (20% Biodiesel and 80% Diesel blend) blends with regular diesel. So Biodiesel in the form of B20 won’t save you a fortune but it will help us reduce our consumption of foreign oil and carbon emissions. Sunshine Renewable Diesel has a lower cost of both refinery construction and production allowing for all the benefits of Biodiesel but up to 25% fuel costs savings and almost 50% more carbon emission reductions than with Biodiesel.