Renewable Energy
  • Do you wish you could increase your energy production revenue stream without costly natural gas fuel switching or controversial rate payer adjustments?  Base-load and demand response diesel generation with Sunshine Renewable Diesel allows for Producer Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Certificates paying an additional 1.2 cents p/kWh or more.
  • Would you like to reduce the carbon footprint and the compliance burden for your power production activities?  Sunshine Renewable Diesel can reduce your reciprocating or turbine generation carbon emissions by up to 97%.
Most popular reciprocating or turbine generators operating can be fueled in part or fully with Sunshine Renewable Diesel.

Simple Solution

For generators small and large, we have a solution to the rising fuel costs and environmental and political impacts of petroleum based fuels.  It’s Sunshine Renewable Diesel, produced in the United States.


Sunshine Biofuel Power Plant


Product Development

We’ve been perfecting our product and quality for years, and are happy to say it is the most cost effective and carbon reducing diesel biofuel available.

Product Development Details

The development of Sunshine Renewable Diesel’s business concept, formulation, refinery, and the alternative fuel conversion systems that allow its use in high speed diesels has evolved out of more than 20 years of research and development by unique and innovative thinkers in Germany, Western Europe, Indo-China, South America, and the United States. Much respect and credit should be given to these forward thinkers and institutions who provided the ground work for our team to innovate this fuel that can effect some many positively.

Sunshine Biofuels team has spent the last 7 years and significant capital dollars in the development of and patent protection of these concepts into a practical, profitable, economical, product and business model. This model benefits both the suppliers, end fuel users, and our investors to a greater extent than any other biofuel solution on the market today. Our Sunshine Renewable Diesel Product is a proprietary product, as is the processing equipment we have designed, and the process we use to make it. In addition, Sunshine Biofuels  Alternative Fuel Conversion technology also holds multiple patents and is available exclusively from Sunshine Biofuels.

It’s Easy to Get Started

We can get you up and running with this alternative fuel in just weeks.  You can have fuel delivered and be saving money promptly.

Sunshine Renewable Diesel with Low and Medium Speed Diesel Engines:

For low and medium speed diesel engines, Sunshine Renewable Diesel can be used as a “drop in” extremely low sulfur replacement fuel. Low and Medium speed engines are defined by operation speed and run between 100 and 900 maximum RPM. These engines are usually large and found in locomotives, power plants of 1MW or greater, medium to large scale ships, and industrial plants.

Sunshine Renewable Diesel with High Speed Diesel Engines:

For High speed diesel engines with operating speeds exceeding 1,000 RPM, a simple dual fuel system is used to allow the engine to start on diesel fuel then switch over when warm to Sunshine Renewable Diesel Fuel 100%. The engine in the boat, tractor, truck, or generator will operate on Sunshine Renewable Diesel while it is working then when shut down will switch back to diesel fuel when not in operation. This entire process is controlled by the Automated Fuel Controller (AFC) which is installed before fueling. The only difference to the operator is remembering which tank to fill with the Sunshine Renewable Diesel and where the Diesel fill is since it may be months in between use!


Sunshine Renewable Diesel is less risky, less hassle, and cheaper than diesel to store on your site! Because our fuel is vegetable oil based, does not use dangerous chemicals in its manufacture, and is less combustible than petroleum Diesel it does not need to be treated as a hazardous material. Spills can be cleaned up with typical absorbent materials and discarded without concern for ground contamination or EPA notification.

Containers should be double walled but can be plastic with aluminum reinforcement as with simple 275 IBC liquid cube containers. Pumps, fuel line, and meters do not need to be class I Div I certified making them available at a fraction of the cost of existing equipment for diesel. Sunshine Renewable Diesel can basically be stored with the same precautions as new vegetable oil. This dramatically lowers the risk profile, hassle, and expense for companies storing large volumes of petroleum diesel fuel on their property, close to the water, or having to maintain handling equipment that is expensive and replaced frequently.


Sunshine Renewable Delivery is available for delivery to any marina or private residence with an advance appointment. Because of the non hazardous nature of the fuel, it can be delivered to small inexpensive containers and stored alongside your home and in less than tanker load quantities. Want to fuel your sport fish with our fuel, no problem we can deliver 200 – 2000 gallons to your home or business location. Have a large vessel that requires multiple tankers to fuel, no problem we can supply multiple tankers to fuel larger vessels before they embark on large voyages. The more you use the more you save.

Biofuel demand response, biofuel baseload renewable energyTake a second to think

….about producing renewable energy by simply switching petroleum liquid fuels for Sunshine Renewable Diesel. There could not be a faster way to implement renewables than to switch one liquid fuel for another or to bi-fuel natural gas generators with Sunshine Renewable Diesel Fuel

It’s Safe, We are Serious about Quality and Dependability

Sunshine Renewable Diesel is tested and certified by Inspectorate one of the largest petroleum testing lab companies in the world.

Sunshine Renewable can ship to customers all over the globe we export our fuel.


  • Increase Revenue: The primary benefits of Sunshine Renewable Diesel for utilities are the additional income from Producers Tax Credits of $0.012 – $0.019 p/kWh . In addition, facilities using biomass based fuels can receive Renewable Energy Certificates which range from $0.06 – $0.01 per kWh in direct payment depending on location.
  • Save the Environment: Sunshine Renewable Diesel has significant environmental benefits. Since it is not toxic, the fuel handling is safer, the storage is safer, and the emissions are lower across the board, including Nitrous Oxide (NOx. In addition it can reduce carbon emissions up to 50% lower than Biodiesel or up to 98% lower than diesel fuel.
  • Save your economy: Sunshine renewable Diesel is made in your local community by local workers, paying local restaurants more per gallon, and saving local fleet businesses more per gallon. By supporting Sunshine Biofuels you are supporting your communities economic development.

Our Offer

We will provide you with secure and beneficial fuel along with delivery to your site.

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Sunshine Renewable Diesel will increase revenues, reduce tax liabilities, and reduce emissions year after year. 

Get in Now, Supplies are limited

We would like to offer this great fuel and service to everyone in the utility market but we are presently limited to a fixed but growing amount of manufacturing capacity per month. Contracts for supply are arranged on either spot or firm supply. Our fuel is allocated on a first come first served basis with contracts for both short and long term supply.


For utilities we offer our product at rate bench marked to contract diesel fuel taking into account the REC benefits the fuel creates. So we are ALWAYS be a greater value than Diesel.

  • Now is that time to redeem your energy independence and freedom from petroleum oil’s roller coaster pricing.
  • Now is the time to let us know you’re ready to capture PTCs and RECs on power production while helping to reduce the environmental impact of your generation operations.
  • Now is the time to pay a local company for fuel that is available now for your operation and building back the economy one city at a time.
  • Now is the time to take 20 minutes to find out how to pilot Sunshine Renewable Diesel.
  • Contact us to get a free assessment and toss your hardest questions at us.
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The Sunshine Renewable Diesel Guarantee

    • We at Sunshine Biofuels realize that reliability and user friendliness are the minimum requirements for a customer to accept any new product. What people really want is a guarantee. Not a warranty where the back of the paper is filled with small type exceptions to explain when the promise will not be held but a firm handshake, eye ball to eyeball, black and white warranty that is easy to understand and that inspires confidence.

    • We also know that no oil company warrants its fuel for performance, only that it will meet the specifications for the fuel type as it arrives at the terminal. Also no engine manufacturer warrants fuel related malfunctions. So you as a fuel consumer are never safe from fuel quality degradation or contamination.

    • With this in mind we have crafted a simple warranty that says, “if you follow our use and care instructions for the Alternative Fuel Conversion System, use only Sunshine Renewable Diesel or ASTM 975 Diesel, keep your engine maintained according to manufacturer, use our PLANTOMOT motor oil, and use our motor oil analysis service for maintenance planning, and our fuel is responsible for damage we will fix it.”

    • We would like to just say if our Sunshine Renewable Diesel fuel damages your fuel system we will fix it but there are customers out there, and you know who you are, that will not maintain their engine either way and have issues. We think since Caterpillar and Exxon do not warrant their fuel in your engine or their engine on your fuel this is pretty amazing offer.


    Caveat Emptor “Let the Buyer Beware” Sunshine Go is often imitated never duplicated

    Caveat Emptor “Let the Buyer Beware” Sunshine Go is often imitated never duplicated

    To be clear, Sunshine Renewable Diesel is not Biodiesel since we do not transesterify the oil with Methanol & Potassium Hydroxide but it is NOT used cooking oil (UCO) either, it is processed and defined by the EPA as a Renewable Diesel.
    In our years of research and development we have discovered that all that glitters is not in fact gold and refining fuel from used cooking oil feedstocks is not as simple as it sounds. Sadly those who have the most to gain from researching and developing how to manufacture fuels from UCO have the least amount of time to do it. Typically because they are trying to keep all their cargo and vehicles in motion!
    Beware of companies that offer Used Cooking Oil (UCO) as “fuel”. If it were truly that easy there would be more people doing it and we would be at the forefront. If they tell you they “clean” their oil good, or cannot offer you a recent certificate of analysis from a professional laboratory then they cannot guarantee any outcome and the law generally protects the seller from the buyer. Caveat Emptor “Let the Buyer Beware”