We at Sunshine Biofuels realize that reliability and user friendliness are the minimum requirements for a customer to accept any new product. What people really want is a guarantee. Not a warranty where the back of the paper is filled with small print type exceptions to explain when the promise will not be held up, but a firm handshake, eyeball to eyeball, black and white, guarantee that is easy to understand and that inspires confidence. Sadly, no oil company warrants its fuel when it leaves their terminal in bulk to the fueling site or station where you receive it. Also, no engine manufacturer warrants fuel related malfunctions. So you as a fuel consumer are never safe from fuel quality degradation or contamination. With this in mind we have crafted a simple warranty to lead the industry that says, “Follow the simple use and care instructions for the dual fuel system, use only our Sunshine Renewable Diesel or ASTM 975 Diesel fuel we provide, keep your engine maintained according to manufacturer, use PLANTOMOT motor oil we provide, and subscribe to our motor oil analysis service for maintenance planning, and we have you covered. In other words if you handle your end like a responsible fleet owner and somehow our fuel is responsible for damage, we will fix it. (Period) We would like to just say if our Sunshine Renewable Diesel fuel damages your fuel system we will fix it but there are customers out there, and you know who you are, that will not maintain their engine either way and have issues which opens up a can of worms we prefer to leave alone. We think since Caterpillar and Exxon do not warrant their fuel in your engine or their engine on your fuel this is pretty amazing statement. We hope you do too.

Alternative Fuel guarantee

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